2016-03-12 15:56:18 by MrV0id

I should do a Lucifer Fan art, but idk. I wanna show some of my concepts for an idea i'm working on.


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2016-03-12 16:07:19

What kind of idea? :]

(Updated ) MrV0id responds:

I had an Idea for a webcomic, it was inspired by a few things like the Watchmen movie , Blade Runner, and the game Dreamfall Chapters:The Longest Journey, with a lot of violence, some deaths. and it would be the first in a collection of other webcomics (Its a series)


2016-03-12 17:34:54

Oh sweet. I share having an idea for a webcomic series myself. I'd love to see your concept. C:

MrV0id responds:

okay sure I'll have them up later today :D