Hello Im Back

2016-08-18 01:36:42 by MrV0id

Hello sorry if i have not been posting in a while, i finally made it barely to my Senior year (class of 2017 dude)  so I am gonna be posting here alot more :DDD


2016-04-04 17:26:55 by MrV0id

I'm gonna be posting more stuff this weekend, sorry if I havent been on because i've been focusing on school

Hello :p

2016-03-17 17:39:25 by MrV0id

I'm gonna have more art coming out on saturday, so don't worry dudes :D


2016-03-12 15:56:18 by MrV0id

I should do a Lucifer Fan art, but idk. I wanna show some of my concepts for an idea i'm working on.


2016-03-12 14:54:29 by MrV0id

Had to fix creative licsence on work because it said prohibited